Why Is Exercise
Important In Life?

Written by 10 Year old Emma, East Amherst NY

What will happen if you think exercise is junk?

  • You will have trouble getting around (houses, stores, and people)
  • People will take you differently
  • You have a huge risk of dieing or getting diabetes

    Now that makes you think. Right?

This is what you will see when
you INCLUDE exercise in your life.

  • You should be able to lift me up on your shoulders (I'm a 10 years old)
  • You will go from a size 24 to a 6 or 4
  • You will be free of diabetes. If you keep it up

My Grandma “Baba” is very inspiring. She is 60 years old and she looks like late 30s. It's amazing! I'll tell you how it all started. She found out that she was over weight, and she thought, “I want to be around for my granddaughters daughters wedding, So I'm making a change,” she said. She did. I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't, it was real.

I tried to prove to you that it is not about how old you are it's what you want to accomplish in your life.

I hope that this really proved to you that exercise is important in life.

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